Diabetic friendly plum jam

Jams, jellies and preserves are an absolute delight to have. Sweet and easy to have a version of the fruit they actually make life easier on some days. When they come in lovely colours up your kitchen shelf they are a beautiful decor too.
Now my mission was to create a sugar-free version for my jam loving husband. Most tart fruits turn sourer when the condense to form jam and this often made the sugar free  version quite difficult.
When I picked up a bag of plums the thought of converting into a jam was overriding all the ideas in head, but for sure it had to be sugarfree and additive free, otherwise, it doesn’t serve the purpose.
So here we are with a simple easy stovetop version of a beautiful red plum jam.
I have to admit among the texture of most jams, I like the way the plum condensed, released the colour from its peel and thickened up beautifully. It is genuinely honey sweet with no addition at all. So glad it worked and perched well for breakfast in a form all of us can have a scoop. So it is absolutely fun to pick a bit of overripe fruit and don the plant power do the magic. This is an excellent recipe to use wisely for any sweet craving that you encounter if you are on a weight loss diet, for it is pure fruit.

Check out these easily made versions too for a quick sweet breakfast

 and here is one with natural cane sugar ( jaggery) from a fellow blogger,
Meanwhile, do keep in touch and leave a note on what you would like to see up soon on the blog.
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Diabetic friendly plum jam Yum
Votes: 2
Rating: 5
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  • 1 kg plum better if over ripe
  • 1 kg plum better if over ripe
Votes: 2
Rating: 5
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  1. Wash and dry the plums Quarter them and remove the stone. 
  2. In a heavy stock pot add the cut plums and set it on medium heat. Stir it occasionally and let the fruit cook down. 
  3. Turn down the heat if it gets dried out faster.
  4. Mash the softerned fruit as you go along. 
  5. When nearly most of the mositure seems gone and the fruit shows a jam consistency remove of heat and set aside for 10 minutes. 
  6. Transfer into oven dried jam bottles. 
  7. Use a clean dry butter knife to remove and spread when you need. Store in the refrigerator for up to a month.  
Recipe Notes

Take care to seal the bottles well and also ensure that the bottles are well sterilized.

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Soma Mukherjee

I always used to buy diabetics friendly jam for my father in law from stores but never thought it could be made at home so easily, lovely share thanks.


Wow this is such a wonderful and simple one ingredient recpie…will surely try

Shobha Keshwani

This is really a very simple recipe. Nothing can be better than home made jams without preservatives.

Drashti Dholakia

Homemade jams and sauces are the best..plus you have not added sugar so this makes it even more healthy


A 1-ingredient recipe! Not only is it diabetic friendly, it is also figure friendly AND laden with flavour.


Wow this is amazing one ingredient jam recipe, I saw the similar recipe in tv one of the international chef made jam using one ingredient,from that time I was looking for full tested & tried recipe,now I got one thanks for this beautiful share.????????

Sujata Roy

Awesome share. Never thought of without sugar jam. Its a blessing for diabetic people. I will surely try it for my husband.

Nayna Kanabar

I never knew you can make jam without sugar, I thought you would need to add a sugar free substitute. I guess the plums must have been very sweet to start with.Its good you have mastered this so your hubby can enjoy it.

Poonam Bachhav

This sugar free version of jam sounds so flavorful and healthy.. awesome share !!

Priya Suresh

Diabetic friendly plum jam looks excellent and you have done justice. Lovely colour and very tempting jam.

Padma Veeranki

Nothing can beat Homemade jams especially because they do not have added preservatives….I love to make seasonal fruit jams…This diabetic friendly jam looks super simple and delicious!!


Amazing texture despite leaving out the sugar. Love the color too. Lovely share smile


Homemade jam is always best, that too you made without sugar! Nice share ????


Wow..this Jam sounds great..never thought of making diabetic friendly jam…the jam looks awesome


Wow!! Such a wonderful share dear. Never thought we can make jam with just one ingredient. Superb.


What a blessing this sugar free jam is and how tempting the luscious colour! I’m a big fan of fresh fruit jams and chutneys – just made a big batch of dried plum chutney yesterday. This jam is next on my list of yummies. ????


This is such a delectable and healthy one ingredient recipe Seema. Loved it.


Absolutely loving this diabetic jam as no sugar involved in this recipe and totally jam is made with fruits own natural sugar.

Mayuri Patel

Getting the jam consistency without the sugar must have been difficult. I would love to try this recipe out.


Wow !!! sugar free version of jam is really a healthy option particularly for Diabetic persons. Awesome share !!!


Your recipe is so easy and perfect for Diabetic patients and toddlers. Fabulous share !!