12 ways to the best stuffed dates.

dates stuffed
Dates are the ones always up to satisfy the sweet tooth. Well valued for its sweetness, exotic flavour and portability dates have never ceased to amaze a foodie.

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The inspiration

My mum has seven brothers and two sisters. Along with the Gulf Malayali move, a predominant number of them had moved to various Gulf countries. They have become successful businessmen and have established themselves well.
Now the arrival of my uncles and their families during holidays meant I will be hanging around in my grandmother’s place. Being the hang around niece(perhaps the only one most of the time) had its privileges, grandmom will mix up a pitcher of colourful tang, which comes with their gifts for her.  We could have the orange nectar for tea time, mmmm and get to lick the last bits of extra sugar syrup too. While leaving towards the end of the holidays
Grandmom will hand over a small box of the juiciest ever Medjool dates, a bar or two of chocolate, some pencils, a sweet-smelling eraser and if lucky a couple of pens.
stuffed dates
This was so precious as it was the whole loot for the show off at school. The yummy part of it definitely would be to have dates stuffed with almonds. Being a picky eater mom would save up all those dates for me as I would agree to have a glass of milk to trade for one of these dates. Mind you, there was plenty of available in the local markets of Calicut, but none so soft and juicy.
As I grew the dates flooded the markets and they ceased to be the delicacy they were in my childhood.

Current pairings and plating

Now that I have a much elaborate palate I do vary the stuffings to try them. They make the best guessing grabs on an appetizer plate, a perfect talking point or the best dessert platter. None the less, it is the least effort recipe you can work on. Here are best-voted combinations both sweet and savoury.
dates stuffed
  • Peanut butter
  • Cream cheese and orange
  • Almond and rose
  • Chaat masala, tamarind paste, salt
  • Cheese and spinach
  • Chocolate-dusted almond
  •  Coconut and chocolate
  • Roasted oats and ginger
  • Mava and poppy seeds
  • Lemon and peppers
  • Tomato paste and chilli
  • Matri Crackers and banana
You can pretty much create a make your own combination platter with the dates, nuts, cheese and other variants. It is so fun to see the ones people come up with. So have fun entertaining with effortless creations.
For all the Peanut butter to stuff in, try this
Here is another collection of dessert sandwiches
This recipe has been submitted to A to Z recipe for the alphabet D. Hope you enjoy these for your upcoming party.
dates stuffed

12 ways to stuffed dates.

A perfect party guessing game
Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Appetizer, Desserts, Snacks
Cuisine Continental, Fusion, gluten free, International, middleeastern, One pot, Summer, Vegan, Vegetarian, Winter
Servings 12 pieces


Main ingredient

  • 12 long Dates soft ones


  • use the combinations in the post.


  • Slice the dates and remove the seed.
  • Use the combinations to stuff the dates.
  • Beautify with garnishes and set on a platter to pass around or add up to your grazing table.


Use multiple of this recipe
Or pick and choose your favourites to showcase.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!
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Vidya Narayan
5 years ago

Loved the idea of stuffed dates with so many different varieties. Definitely a crowd pleaser and would be apt for small parties and get togethers.

The Girl Next Door
5 years ago

I have only ever eaten dates stuffed with cashewnuts and almonds, which a cousin would bring from her travels around the world. I once also stuffed dates with blue cheese a la Martha Stewart, and loved them. I love how you have given readers 12 different fillings to choose from! So cool! 🙂

Shobha Keshwani
5 years ago

Lovely and easy recipe of stuffed dates with varied stuffings. I will surely make them too.

5 years ago

Loved the idea of stuffing dates with different fillings.i have tried with cream cheese but stuffing with tamarind seems interesting!! Will surely try!!

5 years ago

Wow such an awesome share. I had this in my mind with the gulkand stuffing, as we get that a lot in Pune, when we go to Mumbai. Love all your ideas, and specially would love to try the chat masala, tomato paste and matri crackers one. Bookmarking this now.

Mayuri Patel
5 years ago

Simply love the variety of stuffings you’ve suggested for the dates. I’ve only had the almond and chocolate one and one stuffed with gulkand. Makes an excellent starter if stuffed with savory and an excellent dessert if stuffed with chocolates, nuts, peanut butter etc. Excellent share for the theme.

Priya Suresh
5 years ago

If i make this stuffed dates, i wont keep myself away from these incredible stuffed dates. Literally am drooling here.

5 years ago

Like I said on FB this was my initial idea for the theme. still, my idea is shelved not discarded. Now that you have given me so many more option I will have a ball of a time.

5 years ago

Such a clever idea of different fillings for dates! This will be one platter where everyone can find what they like 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

Sujata Roy
5 years ago

Stuffed dates looks fabulous. You gave so many options to stuff the dates. Awesome share.

geetha priyanka
5 years ago

This is a simple yet delicious way to enjoy the dates. You have provided me with so many super tempting options for filling, I just can’t wait to try them. Lovely share…

5 years ago

Loved the idea of stuffing dates with so many different ingredients. I absolutely loved all your varieties. Tamarind filling looks so interested, would love to try it soon. YUM

Jayeeta Basu
5 years ago

Love the range of combinations you present here to stuff the dates……really an interesting and lucrative idea for snacks or dessert…..lovely share 🙂

5 years ago

Awesome share. The stuffed dates looks great.

Anshu Agrawal
5 years ago

Loved the Idea, specially the savory part. Never thought of pairing dates with savory fillings. Beautiful Click !!

Veena Krishnakumar
5 years ago

Lovely idea of stuffing dates. Looks very delicious. Must try

5 years ago

Stuffed dates are great for parties and get togethers…Nice idea with so many options.

Poonam Bachhav
5 years ago

Stuffed dates make a healthy flavorful snack . Loved the different combinations you have suggested here Seema. Your post could make one get spoilt for choices for sure !

5 years ago

I make stuffed dates often and they are such a crowd pleaser. I mostly stick to Almond paste and am in awe of the combinations you have tried. Chaat masala, tamarind paste, salt looks like a winner to me. 🙂

5 years ago

stuffed Dates !!! wow .. lovely idea seema…. Looks super fabulous option of pick me up while on go 😉

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