Aloo paratha – Potato stuffed flatbread

aloo paratha

That fundamental potato stuffed bread from the Indian cuisine is perhaps your favourite order from the Indian joint you frequent. In fact, you will be surprised how easy it is to make this unleavened bread. Though I say this, get the basics right and you will be on the path to having them easily made at home.

Indian aloo paratha

Though most Indian households associate this bread to be made with ease especially for breakfast, the bread-making does need a bit of prep. The recipe itself is in two parts, one the dough and then the filling. When I like to teach my young ones to make this bread, I go by the sequence of making it. So here it is in a step by step way of making the aloo paratha.

Start with the humble potatoes.

The type of potato I recommend for this is an all-rounder. The easiest way to say is to boil the potato… stop!! That won’t be correct. Do not skin the potato, do not cut it, steam the potato as you want a cooked potato with minimal water absorbed. Set the potatoes to cool. My expert tip is to leave them in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.

Prep the flour.

The whole wheat flour that is used for the bread is a fine ground one. If this is not available, you can sift the regular whole wheat flour or mix in an equal amount of all-purpose flour. This provided the gluten development that is needed to hold the filling together. 

The dough

The easiest way to get the dough done is of course the dough hook in your food processor. If you don’t have one, try the autolysis. This is not as sciency as it sounds. It is just to allow the gluten to form without you working up a muscle. So mix the atta (flour) and pour in the water. Mix it well, cover and set aside for 20 minutes. The gluten protein the wheat flour will swell and make the dough pliable. Check the recipe card for the exact amount of water. This is the same method we used in coconut and chocolate stuffed paratha.

Make the filling

While the atta rests up, make your filling.
The previously cooked potatoes are what you need here along with a few spices. In my aloo paratha, I love to use roasted cumin powder, a bit of amchur(mango powder) and red chilli powder along with salt. You could add crushed green chillies, Kasuri methi,  carom seeds or a bit of pickle masala. All these flavours are totally up to your taste buds.

Ready to roll?

This is the trickiest part of the recipe making that will come perfectly by practice.

Make small lime sized balls of the dough and smaller balls of the filling. On a flat flour-dusted board, roll out the dough to about 2 inches thick circle. Place the filling at the centre and fold the edges over in pleats. Seal the dough to cover the filling completely and roll it back into a ball. Flatten the ball gently on your palms. Roll the ball into about 1/2 cm thickness. The more you practice you will surely get a hang of how to keep the filling in and also get thinner parathas. So be considerate to yourself. 

Cooking the flatbread.

On moderate heat, use a flat thick pan and cook the rolled paratha. They appear slightly blistered on both sides when cooked. Rub butter or vegan butter to top the bread and serve the potato bread warm. Serve it best hot from the tawa ( flat pan) to the plate.

Aloo ke parathe - Indian bread

What to serve the bread with?

Aloo parathas are traditionally served topped with a knob of butter and a side of yogurt and pickle.  Here is my secret, I prefer to have the parathas with the slightly sweet guava chutney. If you are looking for a full spread, Pair these delicious rotis with Dhaba style Rajma masala and fiery vegetable Vindaloo. Here is the best part, the recipe made ahead, frozen is one of the best filling breakfasts I choose to have.

So what are we waiting for, The bread is ready, gather up the family and friends. 

Aloo ke parathe

Unleavened flatbread filled with mashed spiced potato is a delicious breakfast or anytime of the day.
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
resting time 30 minutes
Course Breakfast, Main Dish
Cuisine Indian, Vegan, Winter
Servings 12 parathas


  • mixing bowl.
  • frying pan
  • Steamer


For the potato filling

  • 3-4 medium potatoes Steamed or boiled.
  • 1/4 tsp red chilli powder
  • 1/2 tsp aamchur
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp coriander leaves

Paratha dough

  • 2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp cooking oil ( use ghee if preffered)
  • 1 cup drinking water

To cook the paratha

  • 10 tsp butter (vegan butter works well)


  • Start with the potatoes. Wash and add the potatoes to a steamer.
  • Once the potatoes are fork tender , Remove them from heat and cool them.
  • Peel the potatoes, mash them.
  • Add the salt, chilli powder, aamchur, coriander leaves and mix well.
  • Set aside till needed. Keep refirgerated if using later.
    spiced mashed potato

Make the dough

  • Inro a large mixing bowl, add the whole wheat flour, salt, oil and mix well.
  • Add the cup of water. Mix the dough with a spoon , cover with a wet kitchen cloth and set aside for 25 minutes.
  • After 25 minutes the dough would have absorbed the water and developed the gluten.
  • Knead this dough for a couple of minutes to form a soft pliable dough.

Readying to roll

  • Roll up the dough into roughly 12 lemon sized balls, Keep it covered with a moist kitchen cloth.
  • Roll the spiced mashe potato filling into 12 smaller balls
  • Using a floured board flatten the ball of dough to abput 2 to 3 inches.
  • Place a ball of filling in the centre.
  • Gather the edges and pleat to join them together towards the centre.
  • Pinch the seal together in the centre and make the seal is done completely.
  • Sealing will help to keep all the filling in.
  • Place this back on the floured board and roll to about 5 to 6 inchs in diameter.

Cooking the Paratha

  • Heat a flat bottomed tawa to a medium heat.
  • Gently placed the rolled paratha on the paratha.
  • Once the parathas are detachable, flip them over and cook the other side.
  • Flip the paratha when small brown spots appear and brush with butter.
  • Cook on both sides and allow a bit of browning with the butter.
  • Remove the paratha onto a plate to serve immediately.
  • Serve the paratha with Curry, yogurt, pickle or salad.
    Aloo ke parathe - Indian bread
Keyword Indian breads
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Uma Srinivas
2 years ago
Rating :

Aloo paratha is our all-time favorite breakfast! This looks yummy. One of the best and comfort Indian breakfasts!

2 years ago
Rating :

Aloo ka paratha is one of my favorite things to eat and I can have it every single day without getting bored. Your photos have made me so hungry. I am making aloo paratha for breakfast tomorrow 🙂

Mayuri Patel
2 years ago
Rating :

I can never refuse piping hot aloo paratha for any meal. Love them so much. Like your version with simple spices.

2 years ago

Aloo paratha for breakfast, bliss morning! Such a delicious and humble paratha brings a smile if served with white butter.

Lata Lala
2 years ago
Rating :

I am game for aloo paratha anytime. This is one such paratha that leaves you so satisfied. It always is a pleasure to eat it, in breakfast,brunch or dinner.

2 years ago
Rating :

Aloo paratha is such a classic dish and it is a family favorite. Thanks for the detailed recipe, can’t wait to try your version next time I make these delicious paratha.

Rafeeda - The Big Sweet Tooth
2 years ago
Rating :

If I ever come to see you, please fix me a couple of aloo parathas with your cup of masala chai… Ah, I would love to grab one from the screen right now…

Poonam bachhav
2 years ago
Rating :

We love aloo paraths to the core with mango pickle curd and butter. It’s a soulful breakfast especially during harsh winter months here in North India. Loved your simple version.

Sasmita Sahoo
2 years ago
Rating :

Aloo paratha !!!! a pure bliss kinda breakfasts idea for any day at my place. Just with some curd or even with pickle this is a hit sure

2 years ago
Rating :

Aloo paratha looks so delicious. This is our weekly breakfast and I always make it on weekends. You have made it so perfectly.

Sandhya Ramakrishnan
2 years ago
Rating :

This is the classic Indian breakfast that I can eat every day. So simple and also very filling. We don’t even need anything on side to eat aloo ke parathe.

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