Maanga vattal | Sundried mango

Sundired mango | maanga vattal

The sun-dried mango is a unique traditional preserve that is utilized as a pickle or as a component of curries and rasam. It is a summer tradition to make these maanga vattal. Try out this as my mother teaches me to make them.

One of the first things I ask for as soon as I drop my bags at Mum is for maanga vattal. This time was no different. With mango trees surrounding the house, these sundried mango pieces are a spicy quick treat that amma keeps with her hundred-odd varieties of pickles. When she said she had none in stock at this time I was a bit disappointed. I am sure she spotted it too. The next day there was a small basket of raw mangoes ready. So here we are capturing how the dried mango vattal is made. Win-win, I get the vattal and the learning of making it. Sharing the recipe here for you too to save and use when green mango is in season for you. 

Ingredients for the maanga vattal

Raw mangoes- Sour green mangoes are specifically chosen to make sundried mangoes. the variety we have here is called “pulian” which is a local favourite for its extreme sourness. these are picked fresh from the tree using net baskets to prevent them from falling down and damaging. 
Salt – Amma will not agree if it is not crystalline salt. She disapproves of the refined table salt as it has no flavour!! I agree, the minerals make the flavour better. 
Chillies the chilli used in this recipe is for the pickle flavour. You can make salted pieces too. The heat is usually from dried and powdered Serrano peppers. If not use cayenne powder.

The step-by-step process for making dried mango

Prepping the mangoes

Once the mangoes are chosen break off the stem and wash off the stain that drains. Take care to protect your face as the stain causes burns. Slice off the flesh from either side of the mango seed. You can cut this into halves or quarters. The seed can be preserved as such or the side flesh can be cut away and dried. 
Seasoning the mango pieces since it is a preserved form of mango, salt is the main preservative. Along with this chilli powder is added to provide spiciness and feel like a pickle. Once the salt and chilli are rubbed on the pieces. Leave this in the mixing bowl for a couple of hours so that the water from the mango is extracted with the salt.

Drying stages

3 to 5 days in the hot tropical sun is what makes the maanga vattal so perfect. The brined and seasoned mango pieces are arranged on a plate or clean cloth under the sun in a single layer. Try doing this early morning to avoid the sun glare. This will start drying and within a day the edges will curl up. Flip it over and dry it the next day. The pieces will shrink and roll as drying continues. After couple more days in the sun test if the centre is dry. When warm from the sun, the pieces will snap this is the best test for the drying process completed.

Mango vattal recipe

Sundried mango vattal.

Prep Time 20 minutes
drying time 5 days
Total Time 5 days 20 minutes
Course Pickles, Preserves, Traditional
Cuisine diabetic friendly, gluten free, South indian, Summer


  • Knife
  • mixing bowls and spoons.
  • plate to dry the mangoes


  • 5 raw mango green , sour ones.
  • 2 teaspoon cystalline salt
  • 1 teaspoon red chilli powder


  • Wash and slice off the flesh from the mango.
  • cut them in half or quarters.
    cut raw mango pieces
  • Add this to the mixing bowl.
  • Sprinkle with salt and chilli powder and toss well.
  • Leave this covered for 2 hours.
  • The salt will draw out the water from the mangoes and coats the dry rub on the mango pieces.
  • Mix well and spread this on a plate in a single layer.
  • Place this in the sun for a day.
    day i drying.
  • Turn them over and dry the next day.
    Day 2 drying
  • Repeat the process till the centre is dried well and the flavour is concentrated.
  • Once completely dry, Store them in an air tight container.
    Mango vattal recipe
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Storing the mango pieces

Once dried the maanga vattal shrinks to very small pieces. These can easily be stored in an airtight bottle in your pantry for up to a year. If the weather is a bit humid,  make sure you redry it in the hot sun say once in three months.
To use remove the necessary pieces with a dry spoon and seal the bottle back again 

How to use maanga vattal?

The dried raw mango pieces are a fantastic side to give a spicy sour bite to simple meals, kanjis or koozhu. If you soak the pieces in a tbsp or two of warm water they soften to form a pickle.
Amma makes a fabulous vattalkozhambu curry with maanga vattal that we had blogged about a long while ago – Click here for the link.
I use the manga vattal she gives to make a quick rasam by boiling the same with excess water, crushed garlic, rasam powder,  a shallot, curry leaves etc and seasoning to adjust. This is a thin rasam that is more like a soup broth than one to have with rice.

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Try out making these maanga vattals in summer this year. there are a few other vattals and vadams w keep stock. the Sago papad, avalakki sandige, kumbalanga kondattam, thamarakizhangu vattal are some we have in stock. However, I am learning new ones this year from my mother. Will share them with you as I get them right. Try out this manga vattal if you get fresh raw mangoes and then try out the vattal kozhambu with it. Share us a review when you make these and rate the recipe with 5 stars. Subscribe so we can bring you the latest content or connect with us via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Stay on to explore more posts as I go back to help my mother.

Sundried mangoes | maanga vattal


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