Jack o lantern Quesadilla – pumpkin wraps

Pumpkin wraps, Jack O lantern Quesadilla

There is one little cutie pie that has recently infiltrated my mum factor. In fact, she just took over my aunt factor. So, I rethink my food to see if it will generate the toddler interest in too. This jack o lantern quesadilla is a result of that thought.

This Jack o lantern  quesadilla.

As you can evidently see from the images, it is the carved pumpkin-like cuts that make this quesadilla fun for all ages.
You need to make these cuts on one tortilla before you start. The base tortilla is the regular round one on which you layer the stuffing. Then use the cut out tortilla with the jack-o-lantern faces on top
To make the faces, you need two small triangles, cut for the eyes and one for the nose.  Plan a crescent shape with a couple of teeth for the mouth. You can also draw them on paper and place them on the Tortilla to cut. I have just used a regular knife to achieve this simple idea.
You can choose to just have it cut like a regular quesadilla sandwich too, but we had to have fun with the upcoming Halloween. 

Recipe tips to make this pumpkin quesadilla perfect.

Use the roasted pumpkin puree for the best and tastiest result. Here is how to make it – Pumpkin puree

Don’t overstuff, the pumpkin stuffing can be a bit wet on the Tortilla. So, a tried and tested method will be not to overstuff it.
Use two turners to flip the quesadilla the filling in the quesadilla is slippery. My trick is to use two turners for the larger ones.
Be generous with the cheese is the ingredient that holds the wrap together and provides a great deal of flavour. Quesadillas do not work without the cheese. So be generous.

Pumpkin Wraps

Jack o lantern quesidillas for haloween are absolute food fun. The tasty delicious filling with roasted pumpkin puree and cheese will be loved by all.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Course Breakfast, Main Dish, Snacks
Cuisine Fusion, International, Vegan, Vegetarian, zero oil
Servings 4 people


For the filling

  • 1/2 cup pumpkin puree I have used the roasted style
  • 1/4 tablespoon cheese Machengo or cheddar
  • 1/2 teaspoon mixed herbs I have used miexican mix.
  • salt to taste
  • crushed black pepper as needed

For the wraps

  • 2 tortilla I have used whole wheat tortillas.


  • On one of the tortillas spread the pumpkin puree.
  • Top it with the cheese.
  • Sprinkle the herbs, crushed pepper and a pinch of salt.
  • Make the triangle cuts and the crescent mouth in the second tortilla for the Jack O lantern face.
    jack O lantern Quesadillas
  • Place this tortilla on top of the stuffing. Press it down gently.
  • Place this on a warm flat pan and cook on both sides a minute each, so as to melt the cheese.
  • Flip using two turner so that the filling stays.
  • Remove on to a plate to serve.
  • Cut into pieces while eating, serve warm with the sides.
    Pumpkin wraps, Jack O lantern Quesadilla
Keyword Lunch recipes
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

Variations to the pumpkin wraps 

Spinach-  you can add a layer of green before you add the pumpkin stuffing. These quesadillas are best had immediately.
Masala –of course, you can make a masala version if you are cooking khattameeta kaddu or pumpkin masala. Best are the leftover sabzis as a breakfast quesadilla
Beans- sneak in some cooked blackheads or kidney beans to the pumpkin mash so that the quesadilla is much more balanced.

Mushrooms- The combination of pumpkin and mushroom is lovely. Mushroom adds the bite that the pumpkin mash misses. 

Serving with some sides add a good variety to the pumpkin wrap

Pico de Gallo- a simple mixes salad style pico de gallo adds so much freshness to the platter.
Salsa if you like a dip, I use a quick blender style salsa.
Refried beans add up to the protein with some refried beans.

Feeding a toddler is no joke.

Hope some of these tips are useful for you. I am just penning them down as I relive a few moments of toddler energy (or tantrums).

  • As you would be offering a great variety of flavours and textures, remember to eat them enjoyably yourself. This shows the young minds to mimic and follow.
  • Let them get their hands in the process. So give them the cooled pumpkin roasted and mix with the filling. They will love this experience.
  • It is natural for children to refuse certain tastes as they find them very strong.
    (Remember they have a stronger tastebud presence than adult ones). Don’t worry and never give up. Offer again after a couple of weeks. They may love it.
  • Make these moments as easy as you can for yourself as they sense your tense moments easily.

With a couple of ideas here, hope one of it comes in handy for you
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Pumpkin wraps

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Jayashree T.Rao
1 year ago
Rating :

Pumpkin wraps made for halloween is a great idea. It makes a good and fun activity for children. Innovative one.

1 year ago
Rating :

Lovely wraps Seema. Love the delicious stuffing . Awesome idea for Halloween. It is so much fun to make. I am sure the kids will love it .

1 year ago
Rating :

Wow! What an awesome idea. I love the colors of the pumpkin peeking though. Even I want some Jack o lantern quesilidia.

Mayuri Patel
1 year ago
Rating :

Jack o lantern quesadilla, wow what a wonderful idea. A fun Halloween recipe which looks so cute and it is healthy with pumpkin filling.

1 year ago
Rating :

This is such a fun recipe for Halloween! My kids were so excited about it they couldn’t wait until this weekend to make it – so we made it for dinner tonight and they loved it!

1 year ago
Rating :

I love the idea of stuffing these quesadillas with pumpkin. So fun for Halloween!

1 year ago

Very fun recipe! I will make it on the weekend! Thanks for sharing!

1 year ago
Rating :

Very fun recipe! I will make it on the weekend! Thanks for sharing!

1 year ago

What a fun idea! I’m going to make these quesadillas for my boys. They will love it.

1 year ago

This pumpkin wraps looks a great recipe for Halloween. They look amazing

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