Spinach avocado soup

spinach avocado soup

Enjoy this 5-minute cold soup that is perfect for those hunger pangs.

Being in Australia avocados are a part of your life whether you like them. Don’t get me wrong, I want them and get them often. Then begins the cat-and-mouse game of ripe or over-ripe. They go from perfect to all brown and squishy in half a day. This is where I prefer to make things out of them as soon as I have them. I enjoy them as chutney, guacamole sandwiches, and curried avocados, or I add them to a good lassi. There is one other recipe that I have been meaning to try for so long the cold avocado soup.¬† This is what we are exploring today.

What is avocado soup?

Avocado soup is a creamy, savoury cold soup recipe with avocados as the primary ingredient. This is a quick blended-based recipe that is raw, vegan and gluten-free. Rich in good fats the soup is refreshing and a respite from the sweltering heat in summer.

What variety of avocados are good for the soup recipe?

You will be surprised to know there are over 20 varieties of avocados. That creamy scoopable deliciousness changes in the texture, mashable nature and slight bit on the taste with each variety. In Australia, the ones I have encountered are the Hass avocado and Shepard avocados. The former has darker wrinkly skin and smooth mashable flesh. The latter has green skin that stays bright green even when it is ripe. The flesh is a bit more firm and perfect for slicing. I find the Sheppard ones a bit nuttier than the Hass.

Ingredients for spinach avocado soup

Avocado: a ripe mashable avocado is the key ingredient in this recipe. You can use any variety you get. I have used Shepard as that is in season currently. To check the ripeness, don’t squish the avocado, rather check if the stalk falls off easily and the flesh at the stalk end is soft. This will reduce blemishes and brown spots as the avocado ripens. If you have frozen avocado pulp, you can use that too.

Spinach: Baby spinach leaves are brilliant to add to this recipe. It makes the colour vibrant and you don’t have to worry about the taste as you can’t feel it. Nutrition-wise anyway they are so good to have.

Cucumber: it is not fun adding water to this recipe as that ruins the flavour. So water-rich cucumbers are the best. I have used baby Lebanese cucumbers. You can add the white pith of the watermelon rind too.

Coconut water: to blend all this. I have used coconut water. The underlying sweetness will. Not show up in the final recipe. So, pretty good to have it in there. You could use vegetable stock as a substitute, use the low-sodium one.

Spices and flavouring: I used salt to blend the soup. When the soup was ladled in, sprinkled chia and chilli flakes along with cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes. These are optional. The main flavour that you cannot miss is lemon juice as this prevents the soup from turning brown too.

cold avocado spinach soup.

Let’s make spinach avocado soup

Making this cold soup is practically an all-in-the-blender idea and the simplest for the summer season.

  • Wash, cut and scoop the avocado pulp into the blender.
  • Add the handful of washed cleaned baby spinach.
  • Chop in a washed cucumber.
  • Sprinkle salt and juice of half a lemon.
  • Blend them into a smooth paste.
  • Add the coconut water and blend further till a smooth pouring soup consistency is reached.
  • Ladle into the bowls, add some cucumbers and tomatoes on top, an extra pinch of chia seeds and chilli flakes and the soup is ready.
  • Keep chilled till serving time.
  • Spinach avocado soup

    Enjoy this 5-minute cold soup that is perfect for those hunger pangs.
    Prep Time 10 minutes
    Course Appetizer, Main Course, Soups and salad
    Cuisine diabetic friendly, Fusion, gluten free, International
    Servings 2 bowls


    • blender


    • 1 medium avocado
    • 2 handful Spinach baby spinach tastes better.
    • 1 medium cucumber
    • 1-2 cups coconut water
    • 1-2 tbsp lmon juice

    Finishing touches

    • 1/4 tsp chilli flakes
    • 1/8 tsp chia seeds
    • crushed black pepper


    • Slice and scoop the avocado flesh into the blender.
    • Add the spinach, salt, lemon juice and 1 cup of the coconut water.
    • Make a smooth paste.
    • Remove from the blender and mix with more coconut water to make a soup consistency.
    • Scoop the soup into bowls.
    • Sprinkle, black pepper, chilli flakes and chia seeds on top of the soup.
    • If not using immediately keep chilled.
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How long does the avocado soup stay fresh?

Spinach avocado soup is a quick cold soup. It does stay good for 2 days in the refrigerator but it does change colour and slightly look unappetising. So I will not recommend making a batch. Rather freeze the avocado pulp and the spinach and blend them up as you need.

What to serve with spinach avocado soup?

I love something crunchy to serve along with cold soups. The combination is a bit too addictive. My favourite is the cheese and vegemite twists or some nacho chips.
You can add a cheese toastie to this soup to make it a meal.

Other cold soups from this blog

Cold soups are a blessing in the summer months. Here are a couple of the cold soups we have made earlier on this blog.

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This recipe was curated as a part of the collection of No-cook recipes by the bloggers on the Shh Cooking Secretly challenge. The collection was initiated by Renu who blogs at Cook with Renu. my partner for the theme Jayashree asked me if I would love to use avocados in the recipe. This took a glad turn as this spinach avocado soup was a delightful and refreshing one to have even though it is autumn winds out here.

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Avocado soup is a rather unusual recipe for the times when the avocado is in plenty and the scorching summer is playing up with your cooking skills. This is a light soup that has yet gas enough density to keep you full for a while. Hope you like making this soup as much as we loved bringing it forth to you.

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cold avocado soup recipe

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