Kiwiberry chia pudding

kiwiberry chia pudding

Kiwiberry chia pudding is an easy recipe that provides a tasty and delicious start to the day or an easy low carb snack. Try the recipe when kiwiberries are in season.

Yay! kiwiberries are back in season. I don’t know what it is with a kiwi berry but I do find them incredibly cute. It is either the short sweet burst of sweetness and sourness that hits you in a bite or the fact that I do not have to deal with the hairy skin of a kiwi, that makes me happy to see these berries. Either way, they end up in my shopping basket pretty quickly.

So far we have brought to you two recipes with kiwi berries.

Kiwiberry salad
Kiwiberry mojito

So here is another, kiwiberry chia pudding.

What is the difference between kiwiberry and kiwi?

Kiwi is a lovely tart sweet fruit with a hairy outer cover. This is peeled to showcase the green or yellow soft flesh with a bunch of black seeds around the core. However, a kiwi berry has a totally edible and very thin skin. So the whole fruit is edible. Along with the tiny size,  it is perfect to pop into your mouth as a whole. The kiwiberries I have seen are green, not seen a yellow one yet!

Ingredients to make this chia pudding

Chia seeds: the tiny round seeds of chia can carry up to 12 times their weight in water. they do come as black and white varieties, both are suitable for this recipe. 

Milk: plant-based milks like almond or soy are perfect for this recipe. If you use regular milk, that works well too. I have used almond milk here.

Vanilla: add some scraped vanilla seeds to give flavour to the chia pudding. You can use an extract, avoid he artificial essence.

Kiwiberry: Known as mini kiwi, hardy kiwi or cocktail kiwi, the thin-walled kiwiberries can be had whole. Slice them right through the centre and add them to the recipe. While choosing ensure that the berries are soft but not squishy or blemished.

Honey: Honey is what I have used to sweeten this pudding. I have used wildflower honey that I had. You can choose lavender honey for a lavender fragrance. 

Let’s make kiwiberry pudding

Prep the chia: Add the chia into a bowl and add the milk. Stir and set it aside for 30 minutes. The chia will soften and become a jelly-like texture. Now add the vanilla and mix it in. 

Add the berries and honey: the kiwiberries don’t need much prep. Wash and pat dry them, then slice them in the centre. Once the chia has bloomed, add the chopped kiwiberry and top with honey. Chill till needed.

kiwiberry layered pudding with honey

How long does the pudding stay good?

Kiwiberry chia pudding stays good for two to three days easily in the fridge. Since kiwiberries are skinned and a bit sour, it is a good idea to add them just before eating and drizzle the honey over them. However, the soaked chia stays good for up to a week.

Kiwiberry chia pudding

Kiwiberry chia pudding is an easy recipe that provides a tasty and delicious start to the day or an easy low carb snack. Try the recipe when kiwiberries are in season.
Prep Time 10 minutes
resting time 30 minutes
Course Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine Fusion, gluten free, International


  • 1/4 cup chia seeds
  • 1.5 cups almond milk use any type that you are used to.
  • 1-2 scrapes vanilla pod scrape through the seeds from the pod to add.
  • 1/2 cup kiwiberry
  • 1/2 tbsp honey


  • Soak the chia seeds in the milk for half hour.
  • Once the chia has softened add the vanilla pod scraped. Mix well and leave it in the fridge.
  • Slice the kiwiberry add to the soaked chia.
  • Add to the cups and drizzle the honey and serve chilled.
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The chia kiwiberry pudding is an easy and simple snack or treat. It is a beginner recipe that allows a lot of variations. If not for kiwiberries this recipe can translate to any fruit you like, just like the chia pots we made earlier. Hope you enjoy this recipe and hope you like kiwiberries too. Don’t miss to subscribe as we explore more of these ideas.
See you at the next post.

Kiwiberry chia pudding
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Harriet Young
Harriet Young
7 days ago

This chia pudding was delicious! It made a perfect breakfast. Will definitely make again.

7 days ago
Rating :

Delicious and easy to make, perfect for breakfast or a quick afternoon snack! Thank you!

7 days ago
Rating :

Easy and delicious chia pudding! It makes a perfectly healthy mid-day snack.

7 days ago
Rating :

Never hear of this treat but li love trying new things, so I can’t wait. Thanks!

Dina and Bruce
7 days ago
Rating :

This is the dessert we want to make! We have kiwi, so I am going to peel them and make this. I hope to find kiwi berry soon!

Last edited 7 days ago by Dina and Bruce
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