Jelly lemongrass with ginger-gula  melaka  syrup

jelly lemongrass
It a year since the  MildlyIndian website is up!!!
A blog anniversary is always an exciting chapter. 4 years into blogging and whole new learnings in the blogging arena. Performing the multiple roles of the recipe developer,  photographer,  stylist, traveller,  adventurer, the promoter, the author and with behind the scenes solid pillars of the family. It brings a hobby into life creating a trail of memories and learning. Starting from absolute no idea of the complex world of blogging, I am super happy to see the blog standing and moving forward. At present with 200 published posts, a few pennies in our pocket and 4.5 Lakh views in a year…I am ecstatic.
To celebrate this beautiful day here is a recipe which tugs my heart, a recipe from Penang where I began the blogging journey. 

The lemongrass influence

I love the flavour of lemongrass which a few of my friends add to the cup of tea. In Penang Pandan and lemongrass are commonly added to steamed rice, making it so fragrant. Lemongrass being an easy grass to grow, it has come up really well in my tiny windowsill pot.  Snipping a bit of the leaf and adding it to tea or rice has become quite a habit. 
A month back I transplanted these to a pot in the balcony and it just grew profoundly. Our shared cat, Blake loves to chew on these blades. When he is not around they grow back with a vengeance. With an abundance of lemongrass, I wanted to make it special. While browsing, I chanced upon a recipe for jellies with tea and herbs. This prompted me to make this sugarfree jelly. 

Leaving Malaysia

  It is evident that our job is going to take us to a new place. Penang has been my home for more than 3 years now. The mixed feeling of needing to leave Malaysia and rediscovering myself in new lands is exactly what this jelly treat presents to me.
  • A bit cloudy ( like my thoughts) and firmer than wobbly (in belief)
  • A sweeter bit with a big kick of the tropical Asian favourite flavours, which I will surely carry forth
  • An aftertaste of ginger to fuel the new energy needed for a new adventure.
I guess, my association with these Asian flavours will always be close to my heart. My idea of jelly being that sweet, overly colourful dump the pack gelatine no longer exists. Malaysia taught me jellies are cool, can be full of fruit, modelled into a cake and totally vegan. It can be the one to satisfy the topical need for hydration. Try this no added sugar recipe, with Agar or Konyaku, they make firmer desserts which are so beautiful for summer months.

Stay with us

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Here are a couple more fruit-based jellies with agar
 Do let us know when you try these recipes. If you are planning to save this recipe for later, Pin it here
 See you soon.
jelly lemongrass

Jelly lemongrass with ginger-gula  melaka  syrup

Asian inspiration for a delicate dessert
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Course Desserts, Sweets and savories
Cuisine Asian, Fusion, gluten free, International, Kids choice, Medicinal, One pot, Spring, Summer, Vegan, Vegetarian
Servings 10 pieces


For the jelly

  • 1 handful lemongrass leaves or stalk,chopped.
  • 350 ml drinking water
  • 1 tsp agar agar powder

For the syrup

  • 200 ml drinking water
  • 60 grams Palm Jaggery Gula Melaka, Panaivellam
  • 2 inches fresh ginger root grated


  • Dissolve the agar powder in two tbsp of water and the add it to the larger amount of water taken in a saucepan.
  • Add the crushed lemongrass stalk or leaves to it and bring to a boil
  • When the liquid has boiled well, Remove from heat and pour into the desired mould.
  • Place the mould in the refrigerator for cooling
  • Into another smaller sauce pan add the ingredients for the syrup and slowly bring to a boil.
  • Simmer for 5-7 minutes so that the ginger can infuse well
  • Take off the heat and cool for 10 minutes
  • Strain and set the syrup ready for serving
  • To serve,cut pieces of the agar and pour the syrup over it.
    lemongrass jelly agar based
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!
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Poonam Bachhav
6 years ago

Heartiest congratulations dear Seema..wishing you many more glorious years of blogging ..all the very best for your new beginning ..I am sure
you will keep rocking wherever you go ????

Ritu Tangri
6 years ago

That’s great Seema , you have a full team to help you in your endeavor. I love lemongrass flavor and can imagine how it would have tasted in jelly topped with syrup

Vidya Narayan
6 years ago

Hearty congrats on the blog and its success! The Jelly of lemongrass sounds and looks awesome. Wishing you success in your new destination and hopefully you will make new friends, acquaintances and more posts for the blog too. Cheers!

Nivedita Thadani
6 years ago

Hi Seema, congratulations to you for achieving so much in this blogging world. You are blessed to have nice team to support your God bless you with more and more success.
Coming to the recipe, wow, it looks very cool. Lemon grass is my favourite. I am inspired by you to grow my own lemon grass. Thank you. As agar agar is allergic to my daughter I don’t use it much.
Lovely clicks.

Nayna Kanabar
6 years ago

What an interesting recipe and use of flavours.Lemon grass is really aromatic so it will definitely impart a beautiful aroma.

6 years ago

Wow, this is so unique. I love the flavor of lemongrass, these must be really refreshing! Congrats on your blog anniversary 🙂

6 years ago

Congratulations Seema and wishing many more fruitful years in blogging. Thats a lovely share with lemon grass.

6 years ago

Beautiful recipe dear! New places can be adventurous as well as intimidating. All in all a positive experience and a great story it creates to share later in the life!!

Sharmila - The Happie Friends Potpourri Corner
6 years ago

Awesome .. Totally love this !!

6 years ago

This recipe is unique and tempting, Love the aroma of lemongrass so surely one day I would love to try my hands on this one.

Priya Srinivasan
6 years ago

Very flavorful jelly!!that syrup must be tasting awesome! Love the presentation too !
Do you need to strain the lemon grass liquid before pouring it into moulds?

6 years ago

Hey dear , congratulations on success of blogging ..All the best for future … Keep rocking

Swati Saxena
6 years ago

Many Congratulations Seema ! Keep it up and I wish you many more wonderful blogging years. This recipe looks amazing!

Sapana Behl
Sapana Behl
6 years ago

Wow, that is a lemon grass jelly sounds amazing in that palm jaggery syrup. Congratulations on your anniversary.

6 years ago

Hearty congratulations dear ????…I love the dish which uses healthy ingredients… this looks fabulous and right way to enjoy big day

6 years ago

So it’s like a lemongrass jello jiggler? Cool.

6 years ago

Congratulations!!! Such a good family, keep it up. Jelly lemongrass with ginger-gula melaka syrup? Sounds Yummy never think of it before. Thank for sharing

6 years ago

Congrats on your achievements, waw. Blogging is hard work but then you get to share so much with the world which is rewarding. I love lemongrass and this jelly sounds delicious ???? I will definitely try to make it.

4 years ago

350 cups? I am not sure if this is a typo or the cup size is very different. I would appreciate if you could you please provide the measurement in ltr. Thank you.

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