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No cook Walnut roll

Enjoy this snack-perfect, no-cook walnut rolls that look as good as they taste. Share this no-cook dessert for gifting during festival times.

When it comes to the festive season one of the things I dread is the overload of sugary sweets that kind of percolate into the otherwise well-mannered eating habits. This in particular is not the happiest as the worst sweet tooth is for my husband who instinctively discovers these. So, here is my clever way. I keep some natural ones handy to add to the lunchboxes as quick snacks. These are the ones that make the Diwali gift boxes too. This year we are planning a 3 ingredient walnut roll.

Why would you like this recipe?

It’s quick and easy: The recipe comes together in under 15 minutes. its just the mixing nd the pounding that gets the recipe going.
Takes 3 ingredients actually two! Once you have the dates and walnuts ready the recipe is quick to assemble. The cardamom which is the third ingredient is for flavour.
No added nasties: the ingredients here are all natural and one of the best snack basics. So why would you hesitate
Looks as good as it tastes: the rolls are so pretty with the deep brown of the dates and the lighter colour of the walnuts. They are also very pretty as gifts for Christmas or Diwali as much as they are loved as snacks.
Good energy-rich snacks: Just one of the rolls post work or school is a fabulous bite that satisfies the hunger and keeps you satiated for a long while. 
Lasts for a while in the fridge: The walnuts go rancid fast if left outside. So it is best to keep the rolls in the fridge. then they last almost a month. Don’t hesitate to add this to your list of Healthy Fridge snacks to keep at work.

Ingredients for this recipe

Medjool dates: Dates are one of the most popular sweet dried fruits that are most popular in desserts. Medjool is the sweetest and the softest of all the dates. This is easy to pit and flatten by hand.

Walnut: Quality walnuts are a single seed fruit. This is the fruit of the genus Juglans. The shell is hard and needs to be cracked open to reveal the kernel. Often they break upon opening and this is OK for this recipe.

Cardamom: Crushed green cardamom seeds are just a flavouring agent for this recipe. It can be used if you like the fragrance. However, this is not the essential ingredient to make this recipe

easy walnut roll diwali dessert.

Walnut roll.

Enjoy this snack-perfect, no-cook walnut rolls that look as good as they taste. Share this no-cook dessert for gifting during festival times.


  • spice blender


  • 15 Dates use medjool
  • 1 cup walnuts
  • 3-4 green cardamom


  • Crush the walnuts along with the cardamom seeds, using the spice mix blender to a coarse pulse.
  • Set it aside.
  • Clean the dates and remove the seed by making a vertical slit.
  • Smash the dates to make a thick but smoother mix.
  • Flatten this mix to form a thin, even layer.
  • Place the walnut crushed over this layer.
  • Spread into an even layer.
  • The walnut mix will be a bit soft and more like a dough as it has so much natural oil in it.
  • Roll the layers to make a log.
  • Slice the log into 1 inch pieces.
  • Flip them over to reveal the beautiful swirls.
  • Enjoy every bite.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

Other walnut-based recipes

We use walnuts to add to hari chutney often and try to add it to the grapefruit salad to ensure it gets eaten. However, the best use of walnuts in my house is to make mushroom walnut mince.


This walnut roll is one I chose to present for the Shh Cooking Secretly challenge for Healthy desserts proposed by Rafeeda. Rafeeda’s blog is filled with sweet treats and the classics from the Malabar cuisine. This blog is one I repeatedly refer to when I make Malabar-style dishes. As for my partner, Sasmita is proficient in Odia cuisine which is true to her roots. Check out the highlights to get to their blogs.

Stay connected

It is Diwali time so having a selection of healthy desserts along with some classics is a good idea. What I love about this three-ingredient, no-cook dessert is the walnut rolls which are an absolutely low-effort treat to make, keep and enjoy. Let us know how much you love this treat in the comments share the joy and tag us when you post these on your account

Wish you all a very happy Diwali and stay with us!

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Walnut roll for deepavali.

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Priya Iyer
6 months ago
Rating :

Such lovelies these are, Seema! Love the combination of dates and walnuts, so I’m sure I would love these rolls. They are perfect for parties and get-togethers and great for school lunch boxes too.

6 months ago
Rating :

Dates and walnuts are my favorite combination and this is a no cook recipe. Double win for me. Great and healthy dessert.

Mayuri Patel
6 months ago
Rating :

Wow, these walnut rolls are super healthy. Love them, making them for Christmas. Makes lovely edible gift.

6 months ago
Rating :

this date-walnut rolls are just perfect for that 4pm peckish sweet cravings ! bookmarked !

Last edited 6 months ago by Kalyani
6 months ago
Rating :

Date-walnut rolls are prepared just perfectly… I would love to make this sometime, bookmarked!

6 months ago
Rating :

Absolutely love this recipe, so easy and so healthy and a no-cook is a bonus. Nice one Seema, would try this soon.

6 months ago
Rating :

Wow quick and healthy rolls, will surely try this for my baby. Adding this no cook dessert in my collection, perfect for little hunger pangs.

Jayashree. T.Rao
6 months ago
Rating :

A snack which will be loved any time. Would love to make this combination with walnuts soon Seema.

6 months ago
Rating :

walnut rolls look too tempting. Such a simple and easy no cook recipe. Would love to make it for my kids.

Rafeeda - The Big Sweet Tooth
6 months ago
Rating :

I am in love with these easy rolls, that are so full of goodness and health. A guilt free snacks…

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