Pan roasted gnocchi with peas, broccoli and corn

Gnocchi with peas, broccoli and corn

When the temp dips, there are a few things I like the rest of the time I love to think I am a hibernating bear. The few things I love are warm pasta, pickles and baking. This is also the time when I love to be the queen of shortcuts.
Things that I never approve of become ok for once. I blame this on the freeze brain effect. It is not much of sugar that I crave, rather the warmth of whole carbs. It is the time for that soft potato gnocchi bites… ooo yum!!

Why do we crave carbs in winter?

When it is grey outside and the sun, sets literally in the afternoon, the brain lulls itself to a different circadian rhythm. Knowing that brain always craves for sugar and considers it happiness, the carbs that you consume literally translate to this happiness quotient. This is the same feeling you cant let go of that chocolate bar.
Carb loaded foods do send the message to the brain to keep up that great good vibes. This is why it is also a big part of emotional eating. Here is a wonderful article to read if you wish to know a bit more of the science behind the brain behaviour during winter – Source

How to tide over this craving?

The happiness quotient is what we are trying to achieve for the brain. A good long walk, meaningful conversations, a topic to study, exercise, meditation all achieve the same effect. So, the first step before succumbed to emotional carb eating is to engage in an activity or an exercise each day.
If we analyse comfort foods, these are so cleverly designed with a great balance of complex carbs with proteins in many cuisines. So, in reality, a conscious choice of comfort food can be quite beneficial during these months. Hence choose comfort foods wisely with a good balance of proteins that keep you going longer.

gnocchi salad with roasted vegetables

Back to the gnocchi

Of course, this is a happiness factor recipe. Instead of just pan-seared gnocchi in tons (hmm maybe just limited ) of butter, the crunch veggies add fibre, protein, a lot of colour to the recipe. It makes the gnocchi feel so fresh and good and not weighing you down. This is a recipe with the simplest meal prep as well, frozen corn, frozen peas,  quickly blanched broccoli and quicker than ever gnocchi. It is lunchbox friendly too, so that’s a lot of comfort and green in the box.

Here are a few more of comfort foods I like in winter

Peas lemon rice pulao

Spaghetti with garlic, basil and chilli

Mixed vegetable in Farro

Penne with lentils, spinach and marinara sauce

Hope you like this recipe.
Stay warm and stay in touch. Don’t miss to subscribe to this blog. Tag us when you make these recipes and tell us how you like it.

potato gnocchi with vegetables
Gnocchi with peas, broccoli and corn

Pan roasted gnocchi with peas, broccoli and corn

Easy winter dinner, tomato-free, nut free and healthy.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Main Dish
Cuisine Fusion, International, One pot, Spring, Vegan, Vegetarian, Winter
Servings 4 people


to cook the gnocci

  • 1.5 litres drinking water
  • 1 pack gnocchi ( about 250 grams)

For the vegetables roasting

  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic crushed
  • 1 medium broccoli florets seperated. ( Save the stem to use in aloo stem sabji recipe posted earlier)
  • 1 cup frozen peas
  • 1 cup frozen corn
  • salt to taste
  • 1/2 tsp crushed black pepper
  • 1/2 tsp italian basil Dried and crushed
  • 4-5 leaves oregano

to garnish

  • 2 tsp pinenuts roasted
  • 1/2 tsp chervil (Chopped small, optional)


To cook the gnocci

  • In a large pot bring the water to a boil.
  • Add the gnocchi to it and allow it to cook
  • The gnocchi floats up when it is cooked, collect them and drain out the excess water. Set aside, keep covered, till ready to roast

to prepare the roast

  • Clean the broccoli florets, Wash the peas and corn and set aside
  • Heat the olive oil in a pan.
  • Add the crushed garlic clove and roast gently.
  • Add the cooked gnocchi and roast on medium heat
  • As the cooked gnocchi turns golden on one side add h peas, corn and broccoli and allow it to roast slowly further.
  • Season with salt
  • Stir around occasionally allowing the vegetables to rost on a gentle heat.
  • Once the vegetables are cooked and look roasted add the crushed basil and black pepper.
  • Roast further for about 5 minutes. Add the pinenuts and chervil and toss the roasted veggies.
  • Serve warm.
    Gnocchi with peas, broccoli and corn


This recipe over a campfire

This recipe is perfectly adaptable to suit a camping trip. Packaged gnocchi is perfect for camping.  this Remove the frozen peas and corn from the recipe and replace with carrots and broccoli and roast over the campfire in a skillet. continue with the same seasonings.  It makes a perfect meal to share.
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Bless my food by Payal
3 years ago

Gnocchi with peas, broccoli and corn makes a unique combo. Such a great way to feed veggies to one always reluctant in eating ..

Lata Lala
3 years ago

Pan roasted Gnocchi with peas, broccoli and corn makes for a delicious meal. This is the best way to have everything together kinda one pot meal when you crave for comfort food.

3 years ago

Love your version of veggie packed gnocchi. Looks colorful and very inviting. Thanks for sharing this easy recipe.

3 years ago

OMG!!!! I love it. gnocchi the girls love but I need a big batch and hence rarely made. But this addition of broccoli and peas and corn is so very delicious.

Uma Srinivas
3 years ago

Pan roasted Gnocchi with peas, broccoli and corn sounds like a delicious meal. I love all the veggies that you have added here.

3 years ago

Awesome! This gnochhi looks so good. Green peas, corn, and other vegetables with gnochhi are looking so tempting. I will definitely try this recipe of yours.

Sandhya Nadkarni
3 years ago

What a yummy dinner with so many layers of flavor and textures! Fabulous share!

Mayuri Patel
3 years ago

I’ve only ever tasted gnocchi at a restaurant and I love it. But as you said it was loaded with butter and herbs. I love the way you’ve made it healthier by adding so many vegetables. Quick and easy to make especially with readymade gnocchi.

3 years ago

You have beautifully explained our cravings and gave a wonderful soultion to manage our cravings.. Pan roasted gnocchi with veggies is a great option to satiate such cravings…

Padma Veeranki
3 years ago

Love your version of gnocchi loaded with veggies. Looks very vibrant and inviting. Great one pot meal option!!

3 years ago

Wow, the pan roasted gnocchi sounds great. Thank you for the tip that it is perfect camping food.

Sandhya Ramakrishnan
3 years ago

I need my carbs any time of the year! I have never coked with gnocchi yet and this seems to be a great recipe to start. Simple one and loaded with flavors and texture.

Rafeeda - The Big Sweet Tooth
3 years ago

I am very intrigued with gnocchi everytime I see someone making it on Masterchef. Hehe… I have never seen packed gnocchi here though… The whole dish sounds very flavorful…

3 years ago

Loving this gnocchi dish with plenty of colourful vegetables that make dish more nutritious. Such a easy and perfect recipe for a quick lunch.

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