Quick Peanut ladoo

peanut ladoo, groundnut mithai
A quick peanut ladoo with just two ingredients is perfect for the Indian festival season that is nearly around the corner. This gluten-free, nutty, milky dessert gives you all the reliable flavours of a tasty Indian mithai with little effort.

What is a ladoo?

Ladoo or laddu is a traditional Indian dessert that is typically round in shape. These ladoos are primarily made with a grain or a nut powder,  sugar/ Jaggery or a sweetener with a binding agent like ghee or milk. Ladoos can also be made with healthy ingredients similar to an energy ball, like the dates aval ladoo we made.

Ingredients for this peanut ladoo

There are mainly only two ingredients you need to make this easy groundnut mithai.
Peanuts or groundnuts.
These are my go-to when I look for some nutty flavour. Groundnuts are one of the easier available and cheaper among all the nut sections.  A handful roasted with achar masala or the whole boiled pods is both satisfying for a snack.
Roasting peanuts.
If you have unroasted peanuts to start with, slow roast them on a heavy bottom pan. Use low heat and roast till they crush when pressed on your palm.
Condensed milk.
The second ingredient you need to make this dessert is condensed milk. Condensed milk is the cooked milk from which a considerable amount is water has been removed by cooking it down. You find sweetened Condensed or plain Condensed milk in your grocery store. For this recipe you need that sticky milky sweetness,  so we have used sweetened condensed milk.
We have made a quick video while we were making these groundnut mithai for the millionth time. It gives you an idea of how to share these, take a look.
The details of the ingredients with quantities are in the recipe cards below. You can pin the peanut ladoo recipe directly onto your board from here for later use.

Peanut ladoo

Quick and easy to make ladoo with peanuts and condensed milk.
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Cooling time for the peanuts. 10 minutes
Total Time 1 hour
Course Desserts, Snacks, Sweets and savories, Traditional
Cuisine Asian, Baby toddler food, gluten free, Indian, International, Kids choice, One pot, Vegetarian
Servings 25 medium balls


  • 1 cup peanuts skin removed.
  • 1 can condensed milk sweetened.


  • Choose the peanuts which have the skin removed.
  • Add these peanuts to a frying pan.
  • Gently roast the peanut on low heat with constant stirring till they are easily crushed and taste crunchy.
  • Cool the peanuts for about 10 minutes
  • Add the peanuts to a food processor or mixie and prepare a coarse powder with it.
  • Remove this onto a mixing bowl.
  • Add a couple of tablespoons of condensed milk to one side of the crushed peanuts.
  • Mix in a bit of the peanut powder into the sticky condensed milk and bind them together.
  • Roll this into a small ball.
  • Press in a couple of colourful tutti frooti into the centre of the ball and bind it well.
  • Place the ball in a serving bowl or an airtight container.
  • Let it rest for 10 -20 minutes. This helps the condensed milk to bind firmly to the peanuts.
  • The ladoos are now ready to have.
    groundnut mithai, peanut ladoo


The usage of tutti frooti is totally optional. You can swap for raisins too.
Keyword Indian desserts
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

groundnut mithai, peanut ladoo

Variations to peanut ladoo

We love the crunchy bite from the peanuts and so have made a coarse blend. If you like a smooth ladoo, powder the peanuts for longer. The recipe flavour does not change.
I haven’t used any sweet spices like elaichi (green cardamom), kesar(saffron)  or jaiphal (nutmeg) in this recipe. You can add them if you like them. The flavours will change accordingly.
Have some desiccated coconut,  toast it and add to the coarsely powdered groundnut keeping the quantities intact. This created peanut coconut ladoo.

Festival Indian sweets you don’t want to miss trying this season.

There are a few mithai recipes on this blog that I don’t want you to miss. Here are the links to each of them.
Kajukatli – Diamond-shaped cashew fudge you can easily make at home.
Karachi halwa– chewy bites of colourful halwa for the perfect festival mithai box
Black rice ladoo – use black rice to make the perfect rice balls with dates and coconut.
Dharwad peda – Delightful peda recipe made with paneer.
Since the mithai are always accompanied with namkeen, save these to make along.
Methi matri – the classic flour-based Indian savoury cracker.
Achari peanut– spicy snack peanuts which are made with roasted peanuts and pickle masala.
Avalakki mixture – The flaky crunchy mix with sorghum flakes and spices.

Do tag us #mildlyindian when you make this recipe and leave your thoughts in the discussion below. We love to hear about your experience of making this recipe.  Don’t forget to share and subscribe to this blog. We are working on getting our youtube channel with more recipes and learning experiences. Kindly encourage us by subscribing, liking and sharing the videos as well. Stay safe and keep in touch.

Peanut ladoo, gorundnut mithai
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Poonam Bachhav
6 years ago

Peanut ladoos are my all time favourite and yours look fab..great clicks too !

Shobha Keshwani
5 years ago

They look cute and tasty.. lovely presentation.

5 years ago

Peanut laddos are looking so tempting, want to pick one up from the screen and gobble up. Perfect to celebrate the festivities.

5 years ago

Peanut Ladoo is one of the snacks, I make very often. Your recipe is slightly different from how I used to make. This sounds nice. Will give a try like this next time 😊

Priya Suresh
5 years ago

Feel like gobbing some rite now, omg, peanut laddoo looks ultimate and droolworthy. Those laddoo looks damn cute and dangerously delicious.

Rafeeda - The Big Sweet Tooth
5 years ago

Lovely presentation of these simple laddoos… so easy to make…

5 years ago

These peanut laddoos are looking absolutely delish. Just wish I could grab one from the screen. Perfect share for the upcoming festive season.

5 years ago

Fabulous ladoos. I want to make some right now. So easy yet yummy.

Nandita Gupta
5 years ago

Just the recipe I am looking for. I need to make a ladoo for my daughter’s school and have been racking my brain on it. Will make this

Mayuri Patel
5 years ago

I think I better make this for my peanut crazy hubby…he too loves peanut chikki and roasted peanuts. Never gets tired of them. An easy to make recipe, I should bookmark it so I can use make it when I need to make quite a number for prasadam.

Uma Srinivas
5 years ago

Last week I made this for Krishnaashtami. But I made it without using condensed milk. Looks Yummy!

5 years ago

Peanut laddus looks awesome, a perfect snack item for kids as well as workout snack too. Came out really well.

Geetanjali Tung
5 years ago

Always in for this ladoo. My all time favorite 🙂 Though never tried with condensed milk. Next time will try with it. Thanks for sharing!!

5 years ago

Past few days I am keep seeing so many peanut ladoo recipes and feel like making myself, condensed milk lends richness and creaminess to this yummy ladoo.

5 years ago

I’m a huge peanut and peanut butter fan too. How perfect your peanut ladoos look! I could gobble up half of this dish all by myself!

5 years ago

Love the powder version of peanut used here, I though prefer the whole nut ladoos … yours are super delicious 😉

5 years ago

The peanuts ladoo with condensed milk looks delicious…haven’t tried with condensed milk though…yummy

Ritu Tangri
5 years ago

These easy and delightful ladoos are perfect for festival season. Look so tempting.

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