Poori aamras thali | Summer mango platter

poori aamaras thali
Dive into the nuances of Indian cuisine through this mango highlight platter, the poori aamras thali. Being an Indian summer meal, this platter features the best of Indian mangoes and a fulfilling meal that shows you care.
I am a hundred per cent sure that my love language is food. Not all the kinds of fancy foods feature in my vision of happiness.  just the rustic good old types that are sumptuous and no fuss ones. So when my family gets a Valentine’s Day lunch, it summarises as an aamras thali. Here is how I envision my thali.

What is a poori aamras thali?

If you have been an indian vegetarian food enthusiast, there is no doubt you would have tried poori with aamras. Poori and aamras is a brilliant Gujarathi breakfast combo that has been perfected over the centuries. This Indian summer meal platter has a few smaller additions and transforms into a delightful lunch platter that you can easily adapt and perfect for the mango season. You can make this for lunch or dinner or during any special occasions like Holi, Diwali, birthdays or family get-togethers. You can also make this thali as a bhog thali, instead of the naivedyum thali.

What does the Indian summer meal consist of?

Typically on the poori aamras thali is just poori and aamras but that’s not fun. So here is a list of items I like to put on my thali
Poori: Indian deep-fried bread that fluffs up so well is puri or poori. It is a wholewheat-based recipe and vegan. It is an unleavened bread that is not a doughnut. You can use til poori if you like, but the classic puri is the best way to enjoy this.
Aamras: The easiest mango dessert that brings the best of mangoes in a small bowl. This traditional summer dessert is around which this whole platter revolves around. The recipe and variations are here- Click on this highlight for the recipe.
Aloo masala or potato curry: poori and aloo is a classic combo across India. You could make the classic simple one or the slightly gravy version with lots of memories like the railway aloo curry.
Dokhla: Somehow small piece of dokhla always makes this plate complete for me. It is not essential, but the platter doesn’t feel complete without it. Check this instant Khaman dhokla recipe from Renu. 
Salad: it is not a perfectly organised salad on this platter but a few bites of cucumber, carrots and onion slices make it perfect. Instead, you could do Kachumer or laccha pyaaz salad.
Pickle: I love a small piece of not-so-spicy stuffed chilli that is always kept on the side of the plate. I have used the classic Indian green chilli pickle in its place. You can try out, Citron pickle too.
aamras thali

Other additions to this platter.

Steamed rice: cooked and drained fluffy basmati rice is one of the best to add to this plate. You can add Jeera rice or Kalonji rice can be substituted in its place. 
Dal: Make a simple moong dal or that classic dal tadkato have with the rice you add to this thali. 
Papad: It is pretty fancy to add a rolled roasted papad to one side of this plate. It suddenly makes everythig complete.
Raita: Since it is summer, a small cooling bowl of mixed vegetable raita or cucumber raitawill be effective too. It will also help to calm down the spicy curries and pickles. 

Is this a Gujarati thali or a Maharashtrian thali?

Truly speaking this is neither a Gujarati thali nor a Maharashtrian thali, but has enough influences from both. If the thali has dokhlas and not rice with dal or kothambir vadi that leans more to Gujarathi thali for me. If I swap the dhokla for the varan bhat (rice and dal) then I would also call it more Maharashtrian.  The difference will also reflect in the flavours added to aaamras as both these are slightly different.

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The poori aamras thali feels like a much lighter thali meal compared to the many Indian thali lunches. Without underestimating it, do give it a try and you will be wowed. We will be making this thali many many times. If you do make them, share with us how much you loved each element.
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indian summer thali | aamras thali
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The thali looks good Seema, Poori Aamras thali is always welcome in our house and I would love to make this during summers.

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