Watermelon rind thogayal – vegetable chutney


Waste not, want not!!

It’s not quite easy to think of this each time you cook. Over a period of time, I realised if you do one little bit incorporated into your daily routine makes sure you are doing better.
There are plenty of input I have received on this from friends.Here are some of them:
  • Vegetable peels and small scraping go into stock
  • Lemon peels as pickle
  • Sundries from winter melon peel
  • Orange peel as pickle and gravy
  • Blend all the vegetable remains as instant plant nutrition and add to the flower pots.
  • The rind of oranges and lemons to flavour the sauces, drinks or bakes.
  • The stalks of broccoli to make a yummy creamy broccoli soup
  • and the list goes on…..
One of the chunkier peels we tend to throw is that of watermelon. Honestly, it tastes fantastic when used in Indian curries or to replace cucumbers in salads.
I totally blend all the white part too when I do watermelon slush.
 When we buy a huge watermelon,  I portion out the peel to make a flavourful vegetable based chutney, a thogayal style.  The thogayal addition is the small amounts of dals and lentils shallow fried to be added to the mixture to create a unique flavour. Moreover, this is a very effective vegetable chutney for all the health-conscious readers.
The watermelon chutney is a relishing side dish for yummy south Indian staples like Dosa, Rice or Idly. It is low in calorie; Low oil accompaniment or dip. Additionally,  you can use this as a dip in the favourites bread and chips too. So don’t miss to scroll down for this easy recipe.
 I do have a few more of these easy healthy,  diabetic friendly and low calorie tricks up my sleeve coming up soon.

Serving options

Listing out a few options to serve this chutney with
And do stay on and watch out for more next week.
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Watermelon rind thogayal

a perfect no waste vegetable chutney
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Total Time 20 mins
Course Breakfast, Main Dish, sidedish, Snacks
Cuisine diabetic friendly, Fusion, gluten free, Indian, One pot, South indian, Summer, tamilnadu, Vegan, Vegetarian, Winter
Servings 4 people


To roast

  • 1 tsp cooking oil
  • 1 tbsp Urad Dal
  • 3-7 dry red chillies
  • 1 tsp flax seeds

To add to the roastedmix

  • 1 cup water melon peel white part chopped
  • 1 medium Tomato
  • 2 sprigs curryleaves
  • 2-3 slices fresh ginger root

To add fresh

  • 1/4 cup coriander leaves chopped

If necessary

  • 1 tbsp Lemon juice


  • Remove the green peel from the white part of the watermelon rind. Roughly dice the white part. Set it aside
  • To a heavy work add a spray of oil and roast the urad day and the dry red chilli, till the dal turns golden brown and the red chillies crispy to a snap. Add the flax seeds and saute until some of them crackle.
  • Now add the diced watermelon rind, chopped tomato, ginger slices and saute for about 5 minutes.
  • Sprinkle salt and steam for another two minutes so they release water and steam through. 
  • Add in the coriander leaves and take off the heat. 
  • Cool and grind to a smooth paste.  Enjoy with crispy dosa or soft steamed idly


  • Add a tsp of grated coconut or almond flakes for an added nutty flavour.
  • Toss in a tsp of chia seeds to add a bit more beneficial fibre.
  • If the chutney appears very thick... Add a two tsp of warm water.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!
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priya satheesh
4 years ago

Wow ! Even I use the rind of watermelon in my regular cooking from salads to desserts. Such a versatile and healthy one. Chutney looks tempting !

Poonam Bachhav
4 years ago

Now this is a real best out of waste with lots of health !

Shobha Keshwani
4 years ago

Wow.. I have never made anything with watermelon rind.. the chutney looks so nice and tasty.

Priya Suresh
4 years ago

Have tried many dishes out of Watermelon rind but never tried chutneys with them, thanks for sharing, now i know what to do with those rinds. Quite a fabulous side dish.

Rafeeda - The Big Sweet Tooth
Rafeeda - The Big Sweet Tooth
4 years ago

Isn’t this called maximum utilization of resources! I have always thrown away the rind, will make sure I make chutney off it next time…

Drashti Dholakia
4 years ago

Wow..This is really a great recipe to use watermelon rind. Can also serve this as a dip with starters/kababs

Nivedita Thadani
4 years ago

I agree with you Seema, I always find the ways to use the vegetables and fruits peel. Banana peel halwa, heerekai peel chutney, stalks of kiraksali and watermelon peel in dosa.
This chutney is new to me. Healthy one steaming might have given different taste

Sharmila - The Happie Friends Potpourri Corner
4 years ago

Super.. Now that we dont need to waste watermelon rind.. I have got a nice recipe to try on..

4 years ago

Great idea to use them in chutneys! Have used them in dosas; must try this one soon 🙂

4 years ago

One of my Chinese friends makes stir fry with watermelon rind and it is delicious. Your chutney looks amazing — will have to try this recipe when fresh watermelons are in season.

4 years ago

I never used the rind of watermelon. Will try your recipe soon.

Vidya Narayan
4 years ago

Loved the recipe and the fact it includes flax seeds. I try and sneak a lot of it in my daily meals too as husband hates the sight of it but doesn’t mind eating it when it is not to be seen. I agree with your concept of minimal food wastage and making full use of everything. I practice the same too and it is such a good feeling. Love this chutney and I am sure it tastes excellent with all the amazing ingredients.

4 years ago

The season to relish with Watermelon.. this Rind chutney is a flavourful one..

4 years ago

I once made a curry using water melon rind but never tried chutney. I am sure this chutney must have tasted amazing as it looks so delicious.

4 years ago

Watermelon season will soon start, I need to try this one. Interesting recipe Seema.

Nayna Kanabar
4 years ago

I usually throw away the peel but now I am definitely book marking this recipe and trying it out. The chutney looks amazing.

4 years ago

I never knew about watermelon rind chutney. Sounds delicious and it looks tempting.

4 years ago

In our family everyone loves watermelon..now I know what to do with the rind when we get watermelon next time… looks delicious

Swati Saxena
4 years ago

What a simple and healthy recipe and smart use of watermelon rind. Also since you added flaxseeds, it became healthier and fiber-rich. Will try this chutney sometime.

4 years ago

Wow interesting… Never tried such chutney. My mom used to make vegetable from this watermelon rind.. will try chutney too.

Nisha Ramesh
Nisha Ramesh
4 years ago

Oh, you are absolutely right. Its surprising how every part of nature is useful in some form or the other. ITs so good that you are utilising every bit of it. Thats a wonderful thogayal, quite unique.

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