Young ginger pickle

young ginger pickle
Growing up with parents who hammered in the belief that food is medicine it is like a deep emotion etched in my brain. So as soon as the weather begins cooling down I get my home remedy supplies ready. Ginger, turmeric, long pepper, liquorice, cumin, black pepper yes I gathered them all. I felt like that peaceful ant who got ready for winter.

The age of the ginger

Asian cuisines use the age of ginger as the estimate of the intensity of the flavour. We use old ginger (spicier) to cook curries (like potato curry or the inji kichadi) This is pungent and fibrous. The dried one is not so spicy yet creates a deep feeling of warmth and we use this in our spice mixes ( like this chai masala). Then comes the young one.
The young ginger, however, is very mild in spiciness. It also has no fibrous bits. This we use for pickling. Pretty much like the gari, the Japanese sushi pickle. It is also s a bit more floral in flavour. Best of all, it creates a beautiful pink colour when an acidic base is added to it.
By far this pickled ginger is one of the easiest pickle recipes you can try. This pickle is best with Indian dinner or on top of that winter bean burger and of course, keep that avo sushi going.
Don’t miss to get some this winter as you will always hear we Asian mums say that the ginger gives you warmth.

Here are a collection of my favourite pickles

Keep warm, stay safe and share your thoughts in comments
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ginger pickle
young ginger pickle

Young ginger pickle

Pink ginger pickle
Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Pickles
Cuisine Autumn, diabetic friendly, gluten free, Indian, Medicinal, One pot, South indian, Spring, Summer, Vegan, Vegetarian, Winter


  • 250 grams fresh ginger root ( use young ginger)
  • 1.5 cup Lemon juice ( use freshly squeezed)
  • salt to taste ( i prefer using crystalline salt)


  • Wash and clean the ginger. Pat dry and set aside.
  • With a spoon scrape off the tender skin on top and clean it again.
  • Slice them thin and then julliene the ginger.
  • Add to a clean sundried mixing bowl. ( to make sure no traces of water as water will bring in mould)
  • Now add the salt and mix well
  • Squeeze the lemons and extract the fresh juice
  • Add this to the ginger kept ready. Mix well.
  • Transfer to sundried or oven-dried glass bottles.
  • Shake the pickle a couple of times each day for about three days and you will notice the colour change.
  • Once the colours are changed and the pickle is ready to use. Store in the refigerator and use a clean dry spoon t take the pickle
  • young ginger pickle


Use lime juice if lemons are not available. still the flavours are phenomenal.
Use slit green chillies if you like it really spicy.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!
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Priya Srinivasan
4 years ago

Thats a beautiful pink the pickle has got!!! Yes, truly food is medicine and medicine is food!!! Love such easy kitchen blessings we have in our cuisine!!!

4 years ago

What a pretty looking ginger pickle that is. Will have to look for young ginger to make this yummy pickle. So easy to make too. Thanks for sharing.

Shailender sharma
4 years ago

Ginger pickle sounds quite different and it is such a simple and easy recipe that one need not to think twice before going for it. Too good.

4 years ago

Such a nice, simple, and healthy recipe. I will definitely try it. Loved the color.

Lata Lala
4 years ago

Beautiful colour of the pickle looks so inviting. True that we are blessed to have many treasure recipes that act like medicine.
Lovely and easy recipe.

4 years ago

Very simple recipe but so useful especially for winters. Love the color of the the pickle, the light pink hue. Indian cuisine is loaded with such recipes that not only appeal to eyes and tastebuds but also beneficial to health.

Uma Srinivas
Uma Srinivas
4 years ago

Looks easy and healthy pickle! I love to try this when I get a fresh young ginger root.

4 years ago

Oh I love this pickle, my dadi used to make it with lemons and green chilies. Lemons give it such a beautiful pink colour and makes it look even more irresistible

4 years ago

We always keep a jar of this pickle at home. So healthy and delicious 😋

4 years ago

Young ginger pickle sounds quite different Seema here !
The pickle seems so simple and easy, i must try this once I get the young gingers 🙂
Too good share deer ……

4 years ago

This pickle is so good with Sushi, we absolutely go crazy whenever we make it. Such a beautiful pink hue there, making me hungry right now.

Jayashree T.Rao
4 years ago

This is quite new to me and looks so good. I love using ginger, I should make this sometime Seema.

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