Crispy rice and moringa leaf pakoras

Leftover rice and moringa pakora

The moment the weather turns gloomy or you have a bunch of teens at home, fix up this crispy rice and moringa leaf pakoras and have them forget any unhealthy takeaways.

The kids caught me out this week!!

It has been pouring through the school holidays and in spite of it being summer, we are stuck at home ( well just them, I get to go to work!). Out of the blue today, my daughter asked what I used to do for the holidays and when it rains crazy. So, I opened my big mouth and blurted, have rice pakoda and Masala chai with a book. She was quick on this one – I literally said her three favourite things too. Instantly comes the reply, can we have that too and that pretty puppy face that comes with it. It is real hard to resist that snippets of innocence showing up. So I give in!!

rice pakoras with moringa

Killu Pokodam

My mother used to make onion and rice pakoras often and I love the way she used to call them “killu pokodam.” ” Killu” translating to “pinch” and “pokodam aka pakoras. These were easy to get done as they did not need any particular shape to drop them in oil, rather just pinch them out as you got into the hot oil or drop spoonfuls and not bother how it shapes. This process actually leaves crunchy bits of the exterior and a soft centre.  Moreover, the ease of not having to shape them makes this the killu pokodam choicest method I follow. You can see that I have used the same when we make Leeks pakoda and Malabar spinach leaves bajji. 

Make it easy

Amusingly, in India we a least say it is the duty of the veggies to coat themselves in batter and jump into the hot oil as soon as it starts raining as there is nothing better than chai and pakora. So gather up your ingredients and let us get to some making.

Leftover rice – any regular rice that you have cooked and is leftover is perfect for this recipe. We tend to use leftover rice primarily to use up the leftovers. Secondly, the leftover rice is less sticky than the freshly cooked ones. I have used cooked Sona Masoori rice in this recipe. You can use Basmathi, Ponni or long grain regular white to make this recipe. However, glutinous rice is not suited for this. 

Moringa leaf – The super food moringa leaves are the crunchy greens in this recipe. I tend to clean them over my weekend break and store them in refrigerator friendly pouches for a quick and easy addition to my recipes. If you don’t get fresh Moringa, tried ones will work well too. Alternatively, you can add chopped spinach, choi sum, kale or radish greens to this rice pakoda recipe.

Pakoda mix – A quick mix of spices with a base of fine ground chickpea flour forms my Instant pakora/ bajji mix. I have added the link to making this recipe at the end of this post.  This comes in so handy to put a quick snack together or to make cheelas. 

gluten free pakodas

Crispy rice and moringa leaf pakoras

Gluten free, Vegan, nut free, nightshade free recipe with superfood Moringa, left over rice and pakora mix.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Appetizer, Snacks
Cuisine Baby toddler food, Fusion, gluten free, Indian, Kids choice, Spring, Vegan, Vegetarian, Winter
Servings 4
Calories 339 kcal


  • 1 deep fryer
  • 1 mixing bowl.
  • 1 measuring cups and spoons


for the batter

  • 1 cup instant bajji mix pakora mix
  • 1/2 cup drinking water ( use as required)

For the mix

  • 1 cup moringa leaves ( fresh, cleaned and washed)
  • 1 cup rice Left over cooked rice

For Frying

  • 2 cups cooking oil


  • Wash and set the cleaned moringa leaves to drain.
  • Into a mixing bowl add pakora ( bajji mix) and spinkle water.
  • To this add the moringa leaves and cooked rice and mix well.
    batter for the pakora
  • Add a few tbsp spoons of water each time till you can mix a lump free batter thicker than honey.
  • Heat the oil to medium heat. To test the oil when you drop a bit of the batter it should sizzle up and not sink to the bottom.
  • Take a small portion of the batter in your hand and pinch bits of it into the hot oil. Alternately, you can drop a spoonful of it into the oil too.
  • Once the batter looks cooked on one side, flip over and cook till golden brown on the other side. The bubbles that appear around the batter bit will also reduce. This means the pakora is ready
  • Drain the pakoras out of the oil.
  • Serve hot with chai and chutney of your liking.
    rice pakoras with moringa


Any wok or deep pot that you usually do the frying is good to get this batch of moringa leaf pakoras ready


Serving: 4gCalories: 339kcalCarbohydrates: 62gProtein: 14gFat: 3gSaturated Fat: 1gPolyunsaturated Fat: 1gMonounsaturated Fat: 1gSodium: 22mgPotassium: 460mgFiber: 4gSugar: 3gVitamin A: 12IUVitamin C: 130mgCalcium: 287mgIron: 2mg
Keyword Indian vegetarian dinner, leftover recipes
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

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Stay connected

Accompanied by the chai, these rice pakoras were crispy and perfect. I loved the way the rice provides the crunch to the bite. When you make this rice and moringa leaf pakoras, let us know what you like about them in the comments. We are always all ears to hear your reviews, twists and turns. While you are here, do subscribe to get updates as regular as we can post them for you. Tag us @mildlyindian or #mildlyindian with your version of these recipes on all your social media accounts.

We have made a quick video making the Pakora mix that comes in very handy. Here is the video link :


Here is to rainy days, cosying up with books and chai!!
Stay safe and enjoy these little pleasures of life.

moringa leaf pakoras

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Bless my food by Payal
3 years ago

Use of greens and rice in a pakoda is awesome idea and I just loved it. This is the best recipe to utilize leftover rice too. Awesome.

The Girl Next Door
3 years ago

I love adding moringa leaves to everything, and these pakodas sound right up my alley. 🙂 They look so crisp, delicious and inviting! Will definitely give these a shot.

Mayuri Patel
3 years ago

Now I want some too, rice pakoras look so yummy. Adding moringa to the pakora batter is a good idea. Perfect snack for anytime of the year.

3 years ago

Never tried making pakora with cooked rice – sounds very interesting. Adding moringa leaves is a great idea. Pakora have turned out so crispy and delicious.

Lata Lala
3 years ago

That’s some really good use of moringa leaves along with leftover rice to make quick pakoda with hot cup of tea for a perfect rainy day treat.

Uma Srinivas
3 years ago

Pakora looks crispy and yummy! Addition of left over rice in pakora sounds interesting!

3 years ago

😀 and I thought I had a big mouth!!! But I am glad you made these delicious Pakodas. I have a rice that needs ficishing off, I can get moringa from friends and it is pouring!!! Unfortunately they will not jumpin the hot oil by themselves I will push them. 😀

3 years ago

Moringa leaves are so healthy, making pakoras out of it sounds delicious. I have tried different recipes with moringa leaves but didn’t try this yet. It’s perfect for a rainy evening with a cup of chai.

3 years ago

Great recipe. These pakoras look so delicious. I love moringa leaves but never made fritters with them, will definitely try this recipe.

3 years ago

This kind of recipes are always handy when we are in hurry or no mood to cook elaborately… Moringa leaves must have made thos rice pakoras more flavourful…

Padma Veeranki
3 years ago

Loved the addition of moringa leaves, healthy and yummy snack to enjoy…all I need is a cup of coffee and some rain…Love the texture of the pkoras!!

3 years ago

I have never cooked with moringa leaves. These pakodas looks so crispy and yummy to pair with hot cup of tea.

Sandhya Ramakrishnan
3 years ago

This is a great recipe to make with moringa leaves. Added nutrients to the falvorful and addictive Pakoda. I grew up eating lot of killu pakoda as well and the post brought back lot of memories.

3 years ago

Pakoras are my favorite to munch on tea time. This rice and moringa pakora is something new to me to try. Looks yum

Shobha Keshwani
2 years ago
Rating :

Lovely texture of the pakoras. So nice and crispy. I like the idea of making the mix ready and storing. Very handy tip.

mina joshi
2 years ago

These pakodas look amazing. This is a great way of adding moringa to your diet. I like the idea of having pakoda mix ready to use. It must save so much time.

Sujata Roy
2 years ago
Rating :

Who can say no to these crispy crunchy and delicious pakoda. Never made pakoda with cooked rice. Loved the idea. And its a great idea to feed this nutritious Moringa leaves to picky eaters by adding in pakoda batter. I have to try it soon.

2 years ago
Rating :

Seema, I wish I can fry some just now! These crispy rice and moriga leaf pakoras are just right rains or no rains. 😀

Mayuri Patel
2 years ago
Rating :

I tried out the pakora mix and it is so handy to have it ready in the kitchen, both for pakora and cheelas. These crispy rice and moringa pakoras look so tempting. What a great fun way to incorporate moringa in one’s diet.

2 years ago
Rating :

I often make pakoras with leftover rice and they are tasty. Adding of moringa leaves is quite new to me, will do it next time Seema.

2 years ago
Rating :

what I would give to bite into those. exactly chai time here and those moringa pakoras look fab

Priya Vj
2 years ago
Rating :

Man ,these murungai elai rice pakoras look so delicious. I always thought moringa leaves can only be used in adai or as poriyal but now I feel I should lay my hands on these moringa leaves soon to try this 🙂

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