Rice flakes recipes for Janmashtami

janmashtami aval recipes
Coming to south India Janmashtami (Gokulashtami/Krishnan Jayanthi)will feature recipes made with rice flakes.
The birth of Krishna is celebrated with the distribution of sweets and spicy treats made at home. Along with all the offerings of sweets and savouries, you will find rice flakes, butter and milk offered to the god. In addition, there will at least be a simple version where these red or white rice flakes are used to form some tasty treat.

Why is rice flakes associate with this festival?

It is from mythology we learn that Krishna was so good of hand-pounded rice. The legend goes that his best friend Kuchela at his wretched levels of poverty had gone to see him with a few handfuls of aval wrapped in a old piece of cloth.
Krishna, who at that time ruled Mathura and had Lakshmi Devi(goddess of wealth)as his wife received and entertained his dear old friend with love and affection. When Kuchela hesitantly offered the humble rice flakes, Krishna took three handfuls and ate them. With these three handfuls of rice flakes, he bestowed riches upon his poor friend and family that they never had a hungry moment thereafter.
This is the same reason aval is offered… To receive blessings of prosperity and love of Krishna. Here are a few ways you can please this ever-smiling, flute loving god of the masses.
srikrishna jayanthi sweets
In this platter is many of the recipes which are added below. The platter holds Aval nanachathu, aval payasam, dahi chura, avalakki mixture, panakam, doodh pauva, gopalkala, dates and poha ladoo and aval kozhakattai. Check out the recipe links below for the details.

Aval nanachathu or vella aval

An easy recipe for jaggery sweetened rice flakes with fresh coconut pounded in…
Sweet rice flakes

Aval nanachathu

Gopal Kala or Dahi poha

A simple delicious combination of yoghurt soaked and tempered rice flakes on a savoury note.

Rice flakes in yogurt sauce

Doodh pavva or Paal aval

A quick version of kheer, with hand-pounded rice flakes soaked in warm milk and topped with jaggery syrup.
Doodh pauva, Rice flakes delicacy.

Doodh pauva, Rice flakes delicacy.

No sugar added dates and Poha ladoo

For that little Krishna, a sweet treat with minimal additives and sweet is an absolute beloved. So here is a family favourite
dates ladoo gluten free

Dahi Chura or fruity riceflakes pudding in yogurt

Fruit salad style rice flakes made even more delicious with yoghurt sauce.
yogurt and rice flakes dessert

Sweet rice flakes in yoghurt

Jolada avalakki mixture or chiwda

A spicy fix for all the sweetness loaded with nuts is made in a low oil version. Similarly, make the same with rice flakes.
South indian mixture

Sorghum flakes in spicy nutty trail mix

Inipu aval kozhakattai

poha kozhakattai

The steamed aval dumplings made with the deep dark jaggery is of our favorite dessert treats. We love this coconut laced little pyramids of sweetness hope you like it too. 

Inippu Aval Kozhakattai – Sweet riceflakes dumpling

Aval payasam

aval payasam

Aval payasam

This is the last of the treats on my platter. this last one is the best, it is quick 10 minute prep for the best kheer dessert. Kheer or payasam is a treat we need to celebrate with. Hope you enjoy it too.

Aval Payasam – Rice flakes in coconut milk dessert


More treats

In addition to these, you can make any number of treats for Janmashtami
Here are some  more I plan to do
What are your favourites for this  Janmashtami festival day?
Don’t miss to update us as we all learn from each other.
poha recipes
janmashtami aval recipes

Rice flakes recipes for Janmashtami

Course Sweets and savories, Traditional
Cuisine Indian
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!
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Vanitha Bhat
2 years ago

Lovely collection of poha dishes!! Perfect timing! Bookmarking this for always!

2 years ago

Thank you for sharing a little background on rice flakes. It’s interesting to know. Some of these dishes look really good!

Sujata Roy
2 years ago

Awesome collection for Shri Krishna Janmashtami. You combined all the recipes so beautifully. Great share 😊

Priya Suresh
2 years ago

Ultimate collection Seema, am sure these janmashtami recipes will be very handy for the festival.

Mayuri Patel
2 years ago

A lovely collection of rice flake recipes. While I’ve tasted some or made some,gopalkala and colada avakkali are new to me. Happy Janamashtami Seema.

2 years ago

Wonderful collection of recipes and very interesting background information! I think the spicy mix with nuts would be my most favourite one.

Soma Mukherjee
2 years ago

Wow such a lovely collection of sweet and savouries for Janmashtami festival loved the detailed write up .

2 years ago

Such a lovely and exotic collection ….many of them are quite new to me. Would love to try them the coming festive season. Thanks for such a beautiful share!!

Nandita Gupta
2 years ago

What an array of dishes for janmashtmi. I only knew about a couple of these but here is a god number of variety.

2 years ago

Wonderful collection of recipes for Gokulashtami. All the dishes are so inviting, this post would be really helpful for budding cooks.

Poonam Bachhav
2 years ago

Such an inviting collection of rice flakes recipes Seema ! Happy Janmashtami to you. Your post would certainly have helped in planning for the festivity

Ritu Tangri
2 years ago

You have a good collection of poha recipes… Simple yet good…. Bookmarking some to try soon

2 years ago

Such tempting clicks, who would not want this on Janmashtami day. Awesome share

2 years ago

This is a beautiful collection of recipes. Perfect for the festival. Rice flake is really versatile to make many things out of it.

2 years ago

What a beautiful collection of poha recipes, I can imagine Krishna having this dishes and of course me too! Just simple to make yet delicious results.

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