Moving house recipes

moving house recipes

However much you are experienced in moving from one location to another, it is still a stressful process. Going through our 10th house move, I feel like a war veteran when I think of it!! When we were younger, we took it a bit more for granted and we never bothered about feeding ourselves right during this time. Certainly, this left us exhausted, hungry and of course, unable to plan up and of course a bit of the necessary catfights. This certainly left us messy and dealing g with emotions rather than focussing on the task at hand. This is where decided to put our experience to good use through this post for moving house recipes collection.

Feeding the family right

Over a period of time, the biggest realisation is to make sure that the family is fed and satisfied for all that wrapping, packing, lifting, driving and shifting. Feeding well also means wholesome food to follow for a few days after the move too to help through the unpacking process. Food during this time certainly needs to fuel with enough slow-release carbs to keep up the energy. At the same time, it is going to need a bit of muscle power, so don’t forget the proteins. Fresh fresh fresh, is the only way to feel good about this scenario (also you probably won’t have access to your refrigerator). So here is a collection meal that kept us going and working. Before you get to the recipes, you may want to have a look at these pointers that we learned the hard way!

Plan ahead

With no access to your refrigerator and a new kitchen, it is best to work in a bit planned manner. This helps to pick up groceries from the neighbourhood and also not have any perishables that you need to worry about.

Evaluate your cooking options

As soon as you have found your place, plan out when the electric/gas connections are going to come into action at the new place or get disconnected at the current abode. This will help you decide if you are going stove top, instant pot or have access to an oven. Of course plan out a couple of pots and pans too. I love to keep the picnic basket handy as it does have a bit of cutlery and plates that we absolutely need. If not pack in some recyclable disposable plates and cutlery.

Control the portion

There are two reasons you need to watch portions at this time. One you are hungry, two a bit emotional both push you to eat another forkful and leave you to regret later. So plan out how much of each meal is needed and supplement with low cal salads or fresh fruit. Remember the biggest craving is for feel-good desserts as you are also dealing with it emotionally,  so pack in some chocolate that you can use.

This time we were moving house it was a lot different. We took a bit better care of ourselves that we could get back to work and be normal much faster than ever, here are some ideas we used and some that I could think may help during this time.

Light eats

Snacks that are filling and nutrient with are the best to keep the day going as you are packing and loading. The key point is to be able to have a bite without a huge effort as your focus for the day is to get boxes done. These moving house recipes may help you

Apple and sun butter sandwiches – Quick and easy to assemble with ingredients that stay on the countertop easily.

Curried avocado dip with chips – with just a couple of ingredients, which caters for some good fat energy.

Loaded vegemite sandwiches- now, this is literally any time of the day idea. 

5-minute yogurt bowls – a quick and easy solution to any time of the day, all you need  is greek yogurt that can stay perfectly in a cooler box through the day.

Tawa bread pakoda – Keep some bread handy and you can whip up a stovetop pakora to go with some tea for the well needed filling snacks.

Meals that keep you going

In the evening, you need a wholesome meal that can reset the exhaustion. In addition, keep in mind the limitation and also that you are tired. Personally, I find Pasta recipes, variety rice and soups welcoming at the end of the day. It sets me up for a good sleep and back on our feet the next day. Don’t forget to do a bit extra so you can piggyback on that for lunch the next day.

Try out these pasta ideas beforehand so you know which one to choose.

Pasta Fagioli -Italian pasta soup

Spaghetti with garlic, basil and chilli

Avocado and vegemite pasta

Pan roasted gnocchi with peas, broccoli and corn

Penne with lentils, spinach and marinara sauce

Here are some gluten free ideas with rice and quinoa.

Pancit Bihon,  Filipino stirfry rice noodles 

South Indian zesty lemon rice or quinoa

Chipotle rice and beans with quinoa and corn

Mangodi tahri pulao

Mujaddara – the middle eastern lentil rice

Peela pulao

Filling soups keep up warmth and hydration – don’t forget these.

Butternut squash soup with teff

Greens and Finger millet soup

Vegetables, tomato and rice soup.


Creamy lemon barley vegan Soup-e Jo

Tomato sup bihun – Asian style tomato soup

Lotus root and tofu soup

Keep up the liquids coming.

As you are working depending on the weather you will need to sip on some liquids. This ensures that you don’t have a huge sugar craving at the end of the day as well. what tops my list in Summer are

Smoothies- especially dairy-free ones that save me from worrying about fresh milk

Mint choco-chip avocado smoothie

Cherry watermelon smoothie.

Cucumber and green grapes smoothie.

Mango and spinach soda 

During winter, we swap over to some necessary warmth ( probably most loved after packing off the room heaters and blankets)

Fresh mint hot chocolate

Indian Masala Chai with Chai masala recipe

Dragon eye longan tea with Oolong.

Sulaimani – Spiced black tea from Malabar

Baesook from the Korean royal court


During a move, not only are you invested physically, but also emotionally. This induces a huge sweet craving. you have been good all this while so a little treat doesn’t hurt. Indulge wisely and don’t binge!! 

Chocolate desserts 

These are the most satisfying kind of desserts and easily can be kept in a box for a post-pack celebration or a happy new home welcome. Here are my top picks in this category

Dark Chocolate clusters

Almond flour Chocolate cake

Melt-in-the-mouth, Soft chocolate chip cookie.

Almond flour brownies with pretzels

Chocolate tiramisu truffles

Chocolate murmura crackles

Non Chocolate desserts

For all those who are not fans of chocolates we still need options ( I  am kind of used to that most houses have that one person who doesn’t like chocolate, we have one too!!)

Unsalted nuts and dates ladoo

Papaya halwa 

Banana oat muffins with crumble topping.

Black rice ladoos

Vegan vanilla cupcakes

Quick Peanut ladoo

Stay connected

Among my list of equipment to keep during a move are a frying pan, blender, a few spatulae, a mixing bowl, the instant pot ( or pressure cooker ) and a saucepan. Pretty much all the above recipes work perfectly with these limited items, hence it is in this favorite collection of moving house recipes. I pack them last minute in a box that I can carry. In this way, I ensure that I have a meal ready in the new place without having to search through things during the first week there.

We hope you will love to share with us your thoughts about our recipes and post. Take a moment to visit our youtube channel. Leaving you with our Facebook page  (click here) and Instagram (click here ) so you can take a peek. Don’t forget to follow us as we update these to the best of our efforts. Subscribe, share, like and evermore come back.

Stay safe, happy moving house and see you at the next post.

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2 years ago
Rating :

A wonderful collection of recipes Seema. I am bookmarking this link to keep it handy for me as well as for my friends and family. I like that you have also included some desserts in the busier times.

Mayuri Patel
2 years ago
Rating :

Seema what a wonderful and useful collection of recipes when one is planning to move homes. When I was moving to my new home, I knew we would be busy unpacking and setting up furniture. So I prepared my roasted tomato sauce ahead and thought boiling pasta at the new place will be easy peasy. Didn’t realize that my saucepans were not induction stove friendly! Landed up having toast and tea!

1 year ago
Rating :

you have taken the stress off the cookign (while moving homes) with these wonderful ideas. Moving house or not, am sure to try a few of these that my family would love !

Jayashree T.Rao
1 year ago
Rating :

A good piece of information which will help many of them while they are shifting across. Liked the easy collection of recipes you have here. Will try a few of them

Preethi Prasad
1 year ago
Rating :

What a wonderful compilation of moving house recipes. It makes it so much easier to plan and execute. Moving house has never been easy. I love the addition of desserts too.

Priya Vj
1 year ago
Rating :

Moving houses is never an easy task .packing and unpacking , labeling the boxes etc does require a lot of energy and these healthy amazing recipes will certainly come handy to keep the hungry stomachs full . Wonderful compilation seema

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